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Early Bird Renewal Campaign

2019 Membership Year                
Begins April 1 - May 31

Renew your Girl Scout membership for another year of leadership experiences! The 2019 Early Bird campaign will take place from April 1 through May 31. The earlier you renew, the more opportunities to be eligible for incentives. Don’t miss out!

Stop by the Sally Cheever Girl Scout Leadership Center on April 2 (8:30 a.m. – 6:30 p.m.) to receive “hands on” help renewing your troop or girl and let’s celebrate Early Bird renewal together.

Note: Financial Assistance is not available for renewal during Early Bird campaign (April 1 – May 31)


Girl Early Bird Incentives for April 1-15

Mega Early Bird

  • Early Bird Patch
  • Entered in drawing for “Staycation” Vacation package valued up to $650
  • 25% Camp LaJita resident camp discount (May not be combined with any other camp discount; only available for one, 1-week session, future camp reservations only, no other discounts apply.)
  • May be eligible to double Cookie Credits up to the 550+ pkg level  (up to $35, max $70; Cookie Credits MUST have been chosen at these levels; eligible girls will receive email with complete details).
  • Special program drawings – STEM Expo ’18, Cookie Rally ’19, $25 Shop Gift Cards, Free Week at Camp & MORE

Girl Early Bird Incentives for April 16 - May 31

Super Early Bird

Girls renewed on April 16 - May 31 will receive:

  • Early Bird Patch
  • Special program drawings

Tip: To help make troop renewal quick & smooth, renew no more than 5 memberships at a time.

Note: All money incentives to troops will be ACH transfers. Troop/Community Accounts must be in compliance with 2 approved co-signers, no outstanding obligations and troop financial reports need to be turned in by June 15 for ACH transfers.


TROOP Early Bird Incentives

Troops renewed on April 1-9 will receive:

  • Renew 2 co-leaders (approved background check & Troop Leadership Essentials) = $25
  • Renew troop with a minimum of 8 girls = $25
    First 10 troops (with 8 or more girls) renewing 100% of the girls + 2 approved co-leaders + 3 adult memberships = $50
  • Troop entered in drawing for troop entry to upcoming council pillar programs
  • And, eligible for all other Early Bird troop incentives available throughout Early Bird campaign!

Troops renewed on April 10 - May 31 will receive

  • Renew 2 co-leaders (approved background check & Troop Leadership Essentials) = $10
  • Earn a bonus 7% in proceeds for the 2018 Fall product program for a total of 22% if ALL the following criteria are met (no exceptions):

    o   Renew online with at least 5 girls + 2 approved co-leaders

    o  June Troop Financial Report turned in to GSSWT on time – no later         than June 15

    o   Participation in 2018 Cookie program

    o  Troop in compliance and good standing; no outstanding obligations         to GSSWT


 COMMUNITY Early Bird Incentives

April 1 – 30

  • Girls renewed in community by April 30 = $1.00 per girl renewed
  • Adults renewed in community by April 30 = $ .50 per adult renewed
  • And, eligible for other Early Bird community incentives available throughout Early Bird campaign!

May 1 – May 31

  • Community with the highest girl retention on May 31 (based on girls registered on March 1, 2018) will work with volunteer support and choose one of the following:

    o   Free community campout reservation (No services included but         available; campout reservation must be made and used by         December 2018)


    o   Customized girl program for your community. (Must fit within the     council calendar and community chair will need to inform volunteer     support by June 15.)

 Top Communities

    o   The six (6) communities with the next highest retention of girls on     May 31 (based on girls registered on March 1, 2018) will receive a     special gift valued at $100.

Early Bird registration is in full swing beginning April 1. We are looking forward to another great year!

If you have any questions, please contact