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Our Winning Proposition

Developing tomorrow's leaders through extraordinary experiences where all girls can take action and celebrate their uniqueness.

Key Priorities

1.       Volunteerism

Goal: Retain 61% of the volunteer base to achieve a total adult membership of 5,700 by 9/30/16.

  • Training/Development - Create a volunteer development system that provides an efficient, meaningful, valuable experience for new and existing volunteers.
  • Recruitment - Increase volunteer membership by creating awareness of volunteer opportunities to our internal and external audiences that leverages a volunteer-led organization.
  • Recognition - Increase volunteer retention by creating a volunteer recognition system that begins upon entry as a Girl Scout volunteer.

2.    Funding

Goal: Increase council revenue by 10% by 9/30/16.

  • Pathways - Increase and diversify GSSWT's participation in ALL pathways to engage in philanthropic activities.
  • Increase and diversify funding by utilizing stakeholders within our 21-county service area.
  • GSSWT will create an infrastructure utilizing technology to track incoming funds, uses and outcomes.

3.      Technology - Data/Outcomes

Goal: Increase utilization of current technology and create the infrastructure to support a new fully integrated technology platform by 9/30/16.

  • Utilize all facets of technology in order to better train all council members, and to support infrastructure and applications.
  • Capture and maintain data in the Council Enterprise System and ensure it is readily accessible in a secure, centralized location.
  • Implement state of the art technology system for archiving outcome responses which can be measured accurately.
  • Other/Communication -- Create a PR and communication campaign that encourages parents to customize their daughter's Girl Scout experience by modernizing current technology.

Our Leadership Message

Girl Scouts of Southwest Texas is committed to empowering girls in grades k-12 to discover, connect, and take action by engaging stakeholders to provide relevant and quality girl-led experiences through flexible Girl Scout Pathways.

Our Purpose: The Girl