GO Team FAQs

GO Team FAQs

Q: Who do we call with general questions since there is no one person now?
A: Adult volunteers are welcome to contact any of their GO Team members. GO Team members are specialized in certain topics; however, all GO Team members are able to answer general questions. Not sure who to call first? Start with your GO Team’s Retention Specialist.

Q: How are small service units supposed to fill all the service unit team positions?
A: The new service unit structure that parallels the GO Team staff structure was designed to be flexible for service units of all sizes. The service unit team positions are divided into five action teams, so that smaller service units can be sure the vital functions are performed and then pick and choose tasks from other positions to meet the needs and interests of girls in each service unit. The suggested minimum number of volunteers per service unit team is five – one per each action team.

Q: What about troop numbers? Who are we getting them from now?
A: A list of available troop numbers has been provided to each GO Team. Contact your Recruitment Specialist or GO Team lead for the available troop numbers in your area.

Q: How are we going to handle pathway girls for service unit goal numbers?
A: When discussing pathways, it’s important to remember that when a girl or adult volunteer pays $12 to join Girl Scouts they are purchasing a membership, not a placement in a troop or other pathway. Service units are encouraged to work with their GO Team members to provide flexible pathways at the local level. You are already doing it. The “Me & My Guy” dance or the Thinking Day fair is the event pathway. For example: a service unit could organize a six-week series pathway on science, nature or the arts.

Q: Will the associations be by GO Team? Will we join new associations?
A: GSSWT is actively engaged in discussions with the board of directors and association chairs to determine how the volunteer governance structure should complement the new GO Team structure. It has been suggested that the eight associations should mirror the five regions; however, final decisions have not been made at this time.

Q: If I want to have an event, can we team up together? 
A: Of course! Offering flexible pathways at the service unit level, such as one-time events or a series may be easier to coordinate and more economical if multiple service units pool their resources.

Q: How can we get more service unit team members?
A: Service units are encouraged to develop flexible pathways for adult volunteers too. Instead of recruiting service unit team members from the troop leaders/advisors in your area, think outside the box. What about recruiting a co-worker or a retired neighbor to be the service unit’s Money Manager or to plan a one-time event or six-week series?

Q: Can we have a SUD-Share support group?  Would like tricks of the Trade quarterly at the council. 
A: Service unit directors and service team members will gather at monthly GO Team meetings. These meetings are a great place to share information and discuss issues. 

Q: Who is the teen program manager or our primary contact? 
A: GSSWT no longer has a program manager dedicated solely to teen girls. Each GO Team’s Program Specialist is able to answer questions about teen activities and awards.

Q: At rallies do we explain all the pathways or do we just concentrate on troops?
A: At all recruitment events, you want to share information on each of the pathways available to girls and adult volunteers. Having trouble recruiting a troop leader/advisor? Ask them to facilitate a six- or eight-week series in your service unit instead. Think about establishing a series or one-time events in your service unit that you can offer to girls at new member events who are not able to join a troop.

Q: How will rallies work with the Recruitment Specialist?
A: The specific role of your Recruitment Specialist will vary depending on the needs of the service unit and the time of year. Contact your Recruitment Specialist to discuss how she can support you at local new member events.

Q: Who do we contact about troops that disbanded?
A: Contact your Retention Specialist to learn about the status of disbanded troops.

Q: When will we receive the most current enrollment from Early Bird Registration?
A: A roster of members who participated in Early Bird Registration will be provided at the GO Team meetings in August and September.

Q: How will the new GO teams change Points of Gold?
A: GSSWT is currently evaluating the Points of Gold recognition. Further discussion on this topic will take place at the GO Team meetings in August and September.

Q: Can we do older girl activities in the service unit and the council?
A: Yes! Research has shown that older girls respond best to the concept of flexible pathways. We encourage you to develop a series or one-time events in your service unit that will appeal to older girls. You can also plan an extended trip and recruit girls who are only interested in the travel pathway.

To contact a member of your GO Team, visit GSSWT's Staff Directory or return to the New GO Team Structure page.

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