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Community Partners

Girl Scouting builds girls of courage, confidence and character, who make the world a better place.  This mission can only be accomplished with the support and assistance of many community partners.  As a integral part of the community, Girl Scouts of Southwest Texas is pround to partner with other youth-serving agencies, schools, businesses and individuals to provide opportunities to girls.


Thank you for your support of Girl Scouts!

  What would you give to help change the world?
Help us start in Southwest Texas, one girl at a time.

Together, we can get her there.

A service unit or troop may create their own website to facilitate communication among members. Girl Scouts of Southwest Texas does not monitor nor maintain these websites. Girl Scouts of Southwest Texas is not responsible for the content of these websites. Consequently, Girl Scouts of the USA and Girl Scouts of Southwest Texas will not be held responsible for the accuracy, relevancy, copyright compliance, legality, or decency of material contained in websites listed below. The inclusion of any links to third-party websites (including, but not limited to, social-networking websites such as Facebook, MySpace, Flickr, Twitter, etc.) does not imply endorsement by Girl Scouts of the USA or Girl Scouts of Southwest Texas.

Girl Scouts of Southwest Texas makes no representations whatsoever about any other website which you may access through www.girlscouts-swtx.org.

When creating a service unit or troop website, be mindful to abide by the GSUSA Web Site Guidelines

Girl Scouts of Southwest Texas encourages troops and service units to create websites with Rallyhood


Social Media Guidelines
When representing Girl Scouts on social media channels remember to make safety the top priority.

  • Make sure the privacy standards settings ensure the safety of girls.
  • Practice diligence to ensure that groups you are joining or linking to have standards consistent with Girl Scouts.
  • Make sure the messages you post do not conflict with Girl Scouts positions. Please contact the council if you need clarity.
  • Use good judgment and common sense - do not write or post anything that would embarrass or upset Girl Scout members and volunteers, or reflect badly on our organization.

Treat others as you want to be treated; do not use the internet to attack or abuse any individual or group based on race, gender, religion or political preference. Careful monitoring of social media is important in maintaining a positive image of Girl Scouting. When possible, please share articles/events from the GSSWT website, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube channel and other communication resources.


Use of photos or videos requires a Media Release form signed by a parent/guardian of all girls and any adults pictured. This release only provides permission for use directly related to Girl Scouts and should never be used to promote a business or for political reasons. A verbal confirmation from a Girl Scout’s parent or guardian is also acceptable, but one or the other is required before posting online.


  • Do not post a girl’s last name, e-mail address, physical address, phone number or school.
  • Do not post the date, time and location of meetings, events or trips. Service units can post recruitment events online. If service units wish to share program information with families, they should do so via email or through a closed group or password-protected page only (such as Rallyhood). 
  • Any Girl Scout use of a social networking site for communication must have parental permission and must meet age limits set by the provider, which is 13 and older in most cases, as per the United States Child Online Privacy and Protection Act (COPPA) and the Child Online Protection Act (COPA).
  • Only events/opportunities that are directly related to Girl Scouts can be promoted.
  • Under no circumstances should volunteers utilize information available on social media sites to make volunteer appointment decisions.
  • Respect other people’s privacy and your own personal boundaries by using discretion when posting information and photography.
  • Girl Scouts of the USA’s requirements are listed in Safety Activity Checkpoints (“Girl Scout Cookie/Council-Sponsored Product Sales” and “Computer/Online Use”) and we encourage all girls to sign the Girl Scout Internet Safety Pledge.
  • Members responsible for posting disparaging material, bullying, intimidation or other misuse will be reprimanded and other disciplinary measures may be taken. We expect our adult members to be role models for our girls and to follow the Girl Scout Law and Promise to be considerate and caring, honest and fair. GSSWT has a zero tolerance for adult-to-girl cyber-bullying.
  • Comments should be deleted if they break any of the procedures listed above; contain profanity, obscenity, vulgarity or nudity; are defamatory to a person, people or organization; contain name-calling, personal attacks and/or personal issues that are more appropriately addressed offline; or infringe on copyright laws.


Questions? Contact the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

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E-Communication Channels

There are plenty of ways to stay connected with GSSWT!

Service Unit and Troop Web Sites

Want your Web site linked on GSSWT's? Get more info here...


Community Connection

Are you signed up to receive GSSWT's Community Connection e-communication?

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More than ever, the challenges that face us are shared.  Economic and social changes that once took shape over a generation now ripple around the world in a few years.  Learning to connect and take action across boundaries of any kind is now a vital skill.  In the blink of an eye, today's Girl Scouts will take their places as leaders of households, communities, businesses, and governments around the world.  And they'll be ready.


It is our responsiblity to arm today's Girl Scouts with the knowledge and skills necessary to lead.  That's why Girl Scouts of Southwest Texas offers activities in a variety of fields and seeks out unique opportunities for girls.  Girl Scouts is the experts on girls and leadership, we value diversity and teach girls to lead healthy lifestyles, care for the environment, study new technologies and have pride in their country.


Girls have a lot to say. And we are their voice. 


Girl Scouts and Community: Girl Scouts selflessly gave 30,665 service hours in 2009.

Girl Scouts and Leadership: Today's girls represent humanity's largest untapped talent pool. 

Girl Scouts and Diversity: We look like America, and we change with America.

Girl Scouts and Healthy Living: Girls believe health combines physical fitness with emotional well-being.

Girl Scouts and the Environment: For today's girls, reversing environmental threats will be the work of their generation. 

Girl Scouts and Technology: Girl Scouts introduced programs in aeronautics and circuitry in 1913.

Girl Scouts and Military: The tradition of service to those who defend our country continues.

Leaders Behind the Leaders

GSSWT is featured in the 2012 March/April issue of San Antonio Woman magazine. A 16-page section of the magazine spotlights the incredible achievements of our girls, volunteers, donors and staff. You can find a copy of this free publication at more than 300 locations, including H-E-B, Jim’s Restaurants, and a variety of small businesses who support female entrepreneurship.  


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The Girl's Guide to Girl Scouting

The Girl’s Guide to Girl Scouting, a brand-new girl handbook, will have one book for each grade level -- Daisy through Ambassador. Although described as a book for girls, this book is considered to be a sufficient leader resource as well.


The book has three main sections:

  1. Girl Scout Traditions
  2. Cookie Program Activities
  3. Earned Awards (badges, religious awards, Bronze, Silver, Gold)

Each girl will want her own copy since the Girl’s Guide will contain information such as:

  • Girl Scout history
  • Girl Scout traditions
  • What’s special about being a Girl Scout
  • List of emblems and awards (i.e., membership stars, GSUSA strip, council strip, etc.)
  • Awards log
  • Diagram of sash/vest with badge placement
  • Bridging award requirements for relevant program level
  • Bronze, Silver, Gold Award requirements for relevant program levels
  • Additional program information for each level such as Program Aide or Counselor in Training info
  • Journey map for relevant program level
  • Map showing all the councils and special Girl Scout places (i.e., the Juliette Gordon Low Birthplace, World Centers, etc.)


Until this new resource is available, existing resources are still valid and available to use. For more information about the transition in resources, click here. For FAQs about the Girl’s Guide to Girl Scouting and the future of badges, GSUSA FAQS and What's Happening with Badges can be downloaded here.

Important Information Regarding the Girl's Guide

The launch of the new Girl’s Guide to Girl Scouting from GSUSA has been very successful and has hit the country by storm. These great new resources for girls are flying off the shelves across the country and GSUSA has not been able to keep up with the demand.


The Girl’s Guide to Girl Scouting was first previewed at the Service Team Training in August, where GSSWT began taking pre-orders.

GSSWT placed an initial order in April 2011 based on estimated projected sales. However, it was clear that when GSSWT began taking pre-orders, the initial order would not cover the demand.

At this point a second order was placed by GSSWT in August 2011 to meet all of the pre-orders and extra. This second order will arrive mid-November or early December 2011. GSUSA is already working off of a backlog.


As each day passes, more and more girls are getting excited about the guides and more and more pre-orders are received in the Girl Scout Shop. Due to the larger demand, a third order was sent to GSUSA and will arrive hopefully by late December. Again, GSUSA has a backlog so we are unable to get them any sooner. GSUSA is also not filling any individually ordered guides as they are working to fill the orders they already have.

Please NOTE: If you are on GSSWT’s shop pre-order list, do NOT call the shop -- they are calling everyone on the list and you will be contacted. Once contacted, you will need to pick up your order by the shop’s date or they will go back into the inventory.

Thank you for your patience. The Girl Scout Shop staff is working daily with GSUSA to get the orders filled and processed. In the meantime, if your girls want the guides be sure and get on the list now by filling out the pre-order form and  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ">email or fax (210-349-2666) to the Girl Scout Shop.

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Girl Scout Leadership Experience

The Girl Scout program is fun with purpose, and is based on the Girl Scout Leadership Experience (GSLE) where girls discover themselves, connect with others, and take action to make the world a better place. Girl Scout activities take place within the safety of an all-girl environment where girls take the lead, learn by doing, and learn cooperatively.


All Girl Scout activities are tied to one of 15 short-term outcomes to ensure every girl receives a quality leadership experience. The Girl Scout Leadership Experience is what leadership "looks like" for girls and empowers them to:

  • Develop a strong sense of self
  • Develop positive values
  • Gain practical life skills
  • Seek challenges in the world
  • Develop critical thinking
  • Develop healthy relationships
  • Promote cooperation and team building
  • Resolve conflicts
  • Advance diversity in a multicultural world
  • Feel connected to their communities, locally and globally
Take Action
  • Identify community needs
  • Become resourceful problem solvers
  • Advocate for themselves and others
  • Educate and inspire others to act
  • Feel empowered to make a difference in the world


Transforming Leadership, a book published by GSUSA, outlines the Discover-Connect-Take Action framework of the 15 outcomes, and helps adults to understand how girls will benefit from the Girl Scout Leadership Experience now and in the future.



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Adult Facilitators

Be a Volunteer Council Facilitator


GSSWT Facilitator Interest Form


Would you like to share your enthusiasm for Girl Scouting with others? Would you be willing to conduct leadership courses, outdoor education courses, or specialty courses? If so, just complete the form above or send an This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to be considered for a council facilitator position. 


To become a council facilitator you will participate in an eight-hour Facilitating Adult Learning course, and then have the opportunity to teach several times with an experienced facilitator. After six months, all new facilitators have the opportunity to attend an additonal skill development in-service, Facilitating Adult Learning II. Council facilitators teach at least 10 hours of courses each year, maintain skills through practice and facilitator enrichment activities, and represent GSSWT in adult learning courses throughout the council.

Frequently-Asked Questions about Becoming a Council Facilitator

  • What does a facilitator do? A council facilitator has the responsibility for facilitating adult learning for adult Girl Scout volunteers to enable participants to carry out their specific Girl Scout volunteer responsibilities.
  • What types of courses does a facilitator teach? There are three types of course areas: Leadership, First Aid/CPR, and Outdoor Education. Facilitators may teach in one or all three areas depending on their interest. First Aid/CPR requires the completion of the American Red Cross Instructor course (also offered by GSSWT).
  • What time commitment is required? Council facilitators are asked to conduct a minimum of 10 hours of sessions per year and attend at least one facilitator event (such as a 3-hour rally) per year.
  • What does it cost? The Facilitating Adult Learning course is FREE! The American Red Cross First Aid/CPR Instructor has a cost for materials and includes ARC certification.
  • What is the certification process? The council facilitator certification process for facilitators consists of three parts. The first is attending the Facilitating Adult Learning course. Next, new facilitators co-teach with other experienced facilitators over a period of at least six months. Third, facilitators attend an Adult Learning enrichment day (also an 8-hour course), within 6-18 months of attending the first course.
  • Do I have to facilitate by myself? Girl Scouts is committed to team teaching. Particularly as a new facilitator, you will work with other experienced facilitators to gain experience and familiarity with the session design manuals.
  • Who can be a teen faciliatator? Girls interested in being apprentice facilitators must have successfully completed the Leader-In-Training course and apprenticeship.

For more information, please contact the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (210-349-2404/1-800-580-7247).

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Adult Learning Registration Procedures

General Information

Any registered Girl Scout adult may participate in adult learning courses and workshops in the Pathways Guide.

It is required that all new troop leaders and co-leaders complete the Girl Scouting 101 online training and Troop Leadership Essentials before meeting with their girls or parents.

Each troop should have an adult certified in adult/child CPR and First Aid.

Babysitting is not provided at training sessions. Please make arrangements for child care while you are attending training.

Courses can be taught in Spanish if needed. Call the Adult Learning & Mentoring Specialist for more information 210-349-2404/1-800-580-7247.


Cancellations and Reimbursements

Training may be cancelled if there are insufficient registrations. Fees for cancelled courses are refunded.

Only those registered for a course will be notified of any changes.

Fees for courses which are held but which you do not attend are forfeited. You may provide a registered Girl Scout adult for a replacement, but be sure to notify the Volunteer Service Center (210-349-2404/1-800-580-7247 ext. 391) before the training.

If you cannot attend a course for which you have paid a fee and you call the Volunteer Service Center 24 hours prior to the course, you will have six months from that date to reschedule and complete the course. After that time, your fee is forfeited.


Financial Assistance

Financial assistance is available for any course requiring a fee by checking the box on the registration form.

Persons receiving financial assistance who fail to cancel when unable to attend will not be eligible for financial assistance for the remainder of the year.


Registration Steps

  1. Select course you wish to attend from the Pathways Guide.
  2. Please register online at least five business days prior to class date.
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First Aid & CPR


CPR/First Aid

The American Red Cross (ARC) First Aid course along with the ARC Adult/Child CPR course will fulfill the requirements in Safety-Wise for Girl Scouts for a Level I First Aider. Using the current curriculum from ARC, each course is three hours in length. Certification is required in both first aid and adult/child CPR, but the courses may be taken independently, depending upon the expiration of current certifications. Each course is a combination of video, reading, and skill practice. Participants will be required to pass skills and multiple-choice written tests. Adult/child CPR certification is good for two years and the first aid certification is good for two years. NOTE: Participants wishing to re-certify may wish to register for a Challenge course.


$9 - Participant’s Manual
$25 - CPR (Adult/Child)
$25 - First Aid
$3.50 - Ready Reference Card

Financial assistance available! (one request per Pathways Guide)


CPR and First Aid Challenge Courses

CPR certification from American Red Cross (ARC) is valid for two years. To renew your CPR certificate, you may retake the CPR course or take a CPR Challenge. First aid certification from ARC is valid for three years. To renew your first aid certificate, you may retake the first aid course or take a First Aid Challenge.

Note: Participants taking Challenge courses are responsible for demonstrating skills and knowledge from the current American Red Cross workbook, First Aid/CPR/AED for Schools and Community, 2006 edition.
Participants MUST be able to demonstrate, without coaching or practice, all skills and pass a written test on these skills. This is a pass/fail course with no instruction given. No refunds or fee transfers are given if certification cannot be achieved.

Fees: $15/person if participant brings current ARC workbook

Level II (Wilderness) First Aid

MANDATORY Prerequisite: Current GSUSA-accepted certification in adult/child CPR, infant CPR and AED. Girl Scout Seniors, Ambassadors, and adults only


As per Safety-Wise, there are two levels of first aid for Girl Scouts. Level I meets requirements for most activities, such as field trips and troop camping trips on Girl Scout property. However, for events such as service unit campouts with more than 200 people, certain Activity Checkpoints, and backpacking, Level II First Aiders are required. This course meets the GSSWT requirements for Level II First Aid. Course includes training in preparation for wilderness trips, preventive measures to reduce injuries, evacuation techniques, and a variety of wilderness first aid skills that are needed when help is delayed. Course provides certification in American Red Cross Wilderness First Aid (good for three years). This is a great opportunity for volunteers and Girl Scout Seniors and Ambassadors to expand their skills and be prepared for high adventure! Note: girls under 18 may NOT serve as Level I or Level II First Aiders.

Fee: $60/person (cost includes all materials, including American Red Cross Wilderness First Aid textbook)


Training Waivers

Volunteers who have completed training at other Girl Scout councils, as well as USA Girl Scouts-Overseas may be eligible for a training waiver. All adult volunteers are encouraged to participate in the adult training courses, but may not be required to duplicate training already taken elsewhere.


Volunteers requesting a training waiver must meet the following requirements:

  • Must have been active and continue to be active at the troop level within the last two years.
  • Training must be comparable to that offered at this council (ARC or AHA curriculum).
  • Waiver requests must be completed and submitted with documentation (i.e. copy of past training card, etc.) to the Adult Development Department. Complete the Training Waiver Request Form and submit it with your documentation.
  • Volunteers will be notified in writing of the results of their waiver request.
Monday, 23 April 2012 00:14


Outdoor Education

Troop Camp Leadership Certification

Why enjoy the Outdoor Experience with girls? Lead girls out-the-door to a field trip in the city or out-of-doors to a campsite—all of these experiences will allow girls to discover the world around them, connect with their environment, and inspire them to take action to make their world a better place! The out-the-door experience is one of the best ways to involve girls in girl-led, cooperative activities in which they learn by doing!


In order to take a troop on an outdoor experience, each troop must have one or more adults who have taken outdoor training. Both women and men over 18 may take outdoor training. Financial assistance is available!


Please note:

Day Trips and Cooking with Girls: If a troop plans on doing only daytime field trips which include cooking with girls, the Introduction to the Outdoors course will provide the adult in charge the required cooking and outdoor training.


Camping: For troops planning outdoor overnight experiences, one or more adults MUST take training to become Troop Camp Leadership (TCL) certified. Adults completing TCL certification may then take troops camping in a variety of locations, including council-owned sites, cabin-camping, and tent camping in state parks/ private property (sites that have permanent buildings, restrooms, and are within 30 minutes of emergency help). The TCL-certified adult then guides the troop through its planning process and accompanies the troop on camping trips. Each troop must have a TCL-certified adult in order to go camping. TCL certification is good for three years; adults current in TCL can recertify through a TCL-review process.

Changes to TCL certification -- TCL certification is now offered in just two formats as described below. Either of these formats provides successful participants with TCL certification.


TCL Option 1, Overnight Format

Participants must attend:

  • TCL OPTION 1 Classroom Planning Session (3 hours)
  • TCL OPTION 1 Overnight Session (12 p.m., Saturday to 12 p.m., Sunday) in an outdoor environment

TCL Option 2, Troops & Adults Camping Together Format

Adult participants must attend:

  • TCL OPTION 2 Classroom Planning Session (9 hours)
  • TCL OPTION 2 Overnight with their troop—training staff provides supervision and activities for girls while adults train (9 AM, Saturday to 11 AM, Sunday) in an outdoor environment

Either of the above options will certify an adult in Troop Camp Leadership.

Camp Essentials

Prerequisite: Participant must be a registered member of GSUSA with a criminal background check form submitted to the council.

This is now an optional course. This is a two-and-a-half-hour classroom and outdoor cooking session. Note: This course should be taken only by those participants who plan to take TCL OPTION 1 to become TCL certified OR want to cook outdoors and on day trips with girls, but do not plan on becoming TCL certified. (Do not take this training if you are taking TCL OPTION 2.) This training will prepare adults to take their girls on outdoor day activities where the girls will be cooking. Participants will learn how to involve girls in planning the activity, how to use a kaper chart, as well as learning basic environmental awareness. Focus will be on health and safety procedures for outdoor cooking, use of basic charcoal fires, and one-pot meal preparation. Note: This course by itself does not provide TCL certification.

Fee: $7/person (includes meal and course material)

Please register five business days prior to the date of your choice. 


TCL Option 1, Overnight Format

Prerequisite: Participant must be a registered member of GSUSA with a criminal background check form submitted to the council.

This is a mandatory three-hour classroom planning session. You must also attend the mandatory overnight camping session.

Completion of TCL OPTION 1 is needed to complete TCL certification in this format. Adults will learn about required procedures and paperwork, emergency procedures, kaper charts, and environmental awareness. More advanced cooking methods than in Introduction to the Outdoors will be taught.

Fee: $15/per person (covers the cost of training materials and site usage)

Please register five business days prior to the date of classroom session.


TCL Option 2, Troops & Adults Camping Together Format

Prerequisites: Participant must be a registered member of GSUSA with a criminal background check form submitted to the council.

Adult volunteers and girls can learn to camp together! Mandatory nine-hour classroom planning session for adults only, as well as an overnight camping session from 9 AM, Saturday to 11 AM, Sunday with adults and girls. TCL OPTION 2 provides an opportunity for adults to gain TCL certification while camping with their troop. It is a camping experience intended for troops that have limited or no camping experience. Each troop provides and cooks its own meals with assistance from experienced volunteer leadership. Girls and adults will sleep in separate cabins which are within viewing and listening distance. Male adults will sleep in a separate unit but can participate with their troops in all activities. Classroom session is required and is for adults only. At least one adult* from each troop must attend the classroom session. Failure to attend the entire classroom session will prevent the troop from participating in the TCL OPTION 2 overnight and there will be no refund. In order to become TCL certified, you must attend the entire classroom planning session and the entire overnight training. (*One adult should be current first aider.)

Minimum: 1 adult for classroom session; 2 adults and 5 girls for campout

Fee: $20/per person

Ratio: Troop leaders/adults should meet but not exceed adult/girl ratio (see Safety-Wise). Tag-a-longs are NOT permitted.

Scholarships: NOT available for girls. Girls may use cookie credits.


  • Troops are encouraged to register early, as this is a first-come, first-serve event. Courses without sufficient troops registered by deadline will be cancelled.
  • Please register no later than five business days prior to the date of classroom session.

Training Waivers

Volunteers who have completed training at other Girl Scout councils, as well as USA Girl Scouts-Overseas may be eligible for a training waiver. All adult volunteers are encouraged to participate in the adult training courses, but may not be required to duplicate training already taken elsewhere.

Volunteers requesting a training waiver must meet the following requirements:

  • Must have been active and continue to be active at the troop level within the last two years.
  • Training must be comparable to that offered at this council.
  • Waiver requests must be completed and submitted with documentation (i.e. copy of past training card, etc.) to the Adult Development Department. Complete the Training Waiver Request Form and submit it with your documentation.
  • Volunteers will be notified in writing of the results of their waiver request.

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