Individual Girl Proceeds FAQs

  • Why has there been a change to individual girl proceeds?
    Per an IRS Booster Club Field Directive, no individual can receive a personal benefit from a fundraiser held by an organization with a non-profit status. The change was made in order for Girl Scouts of Southwest Texas to protect its 501(c)(3) (non-profit) status.


  • What are proceeds?
    Proceeds are the $0.50 per box of Girl Scout cookies sold that each troop or group is allocated at the end of every cookie program. Girls in troops or groups can utilize these proceeds for their Girl Scouting activities throughout the year. Proceeds are not allocated to individual girls due to an IRS Booster Club Field Directive stating that no individual can receive a personal benefit from a fundraiser held by an organization with a non-profit status.


  • What is the difference in the way these funds will be distributed?
    Prior to this year, girls who participated in the cookie program individually received their individual cookie proceeds on a card similar to cookie credits. In 2013, all proceeds from sales of individual girls will be pooled at council and tracked by the Product Sales Staff. Individual girls may request proceeds to attend Girl Scout programs, events, and activities. They will be required to apply for proceeds from the Individual Girl Proceeds Committee, led by volunteers.

  • How will the process work now?
    At the conclusion of the cookie program, girls who participated individually will be notified that they qualify to apply for cookie proceeds. They will be emailed the application form to complete and submit to GSSWT Product Sales Manager. The girl will submit her name, ID number, grade level, specific activity request and how it will help her in her Girl Scout Leadership Experience and submit to the Product Sales Manager. The Product Sales Manager will forward the application to the Individual Girls Proceeds Committee, a subcommittee of the Product Sales Volunteer Team, with only the applicants’ grade, specific activity request and how it will help in her Girl Scout Leadership Experience. Based on the information submitted, the committee will evaluate the request and respond accordingly.


  • Can a girl apply for proceeds more than once?
    Yes. Each request will be reviewed individually, so a girl who participated in the cookie program can apply as many times as she wishes to use proceeds.


  • How long does a girl have to apply for funds?
    The Individual Girl Proceeds Committee will consider applications for use of funds until the proceeds pool is depleted or until the funds for the membership year have expired (for example, individual girl proceeds from the 2013 cookie program will expire on September 30, 2014).

  • Can a girl request funds for use in achieving Girl Scouting’s highest awards (Bronze, Silver, Gold) - Can a girl request funds to purchase of journey books, The Girl’s Guide to Girl Scouting, uniforms or other items from the GSSWT Shop?
    Yes. The primary requirement for a successful application for proceeds will be an adequate response to how the funds will assist her in her Girl Scout Leadership Experience. If she can sufficiently justify purchase of these items, the Individual Girls Proceeds Committee can approve the request.


  • What happens to funds left over at the end of the application period?
    Funds leftover in the individual girl proceeds pool will be used by GSSWT for council-sponsored activities and scholarships.


  • Will there be a system for showing how much money remains in the fund for each year of the cookie program?
    The Product Sales Volunteer Team will email monthly updates to individually registered girls who qualify to apply for proceeds still available to them and how much time they have left to apply.


  • How are troops affected by this change?
    Troops are not affected; however, troop leaders should remember that proceeds cannot be allocated individually within their troop.


  • Why can individual girls receive cookie credits as a reward but not proceeds?
    All girls participating in the cookie program are eligible to receive rewards and recognitions. All rewards earned by girls through product sales activities must support Girl Scout program experiences. Per an IRS Booster Club Field Directive, no individual can receive a personal benefit from a fundraiser held by an organization with a non-profit status.

  • Can a girl apply for funds in order to donate those funds to other non-profit organizations?
    No. A girl may only apply for funds that will help her complete service projects and Girl Scouting’s highest awards. She may not apply for donations to be given to other non-profit organizations.


  • How far in advance of a program or activity should a girl apply for funds?
    All requests for proceeds should be made 3-4 weeks prior to a program or activity.

  • Who is on the Product Sales Volunteer Team?
    The Product Sales Volunteer Team is made up of dedicated volunteers with extensive experience in the cookie program and/or fall product sale. These volunteers are a mix of past and current Service Unit Cookie Managers, Service Unit Nut Experts, Troop Cookie Managers and Troop Nut Experts. This team works with GSSWT’s product sales staff to build and design quality recognitions for both programs and gathers feedback on how to make the program work best for the girl.

  • Who is on the Individual Girls Proceeds Committee?
    Members of the Product Sales Volunteer Team who are dedicated towards a fair and smooth process for distributing proceeds to girls who participated in the cookie program individually. Members of this team have extensive experience in the cookie program and/or fall product sale. These volunteers are a mix of past and current Service Unit Cookie Managers, Service Unit Nut Experts, Troop Cookie Managers and Troop Nut Experts.

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