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Since 2008, Girl Scouts of Southwest Texas has annually honored an area woman who has made a significant contribution to the community and represents the ideals and values of a Girl Scout. The Trefoil Award is the highest honor we bestow outside of Girl Scout-related awards. New Trefoil honorees join a long line of trailblazing and inspiring women who have worked to make the world a better place, just like Girl Scouts do.

Past Trefoil Honorees

Cyndi Taylor Krier, 1988
Irene S. Wischer, 1989
Edith S. McAllister, 1990
Mary Nan West, 1991
Elizabeth H. Maddux, 1992
Josephine Musselman, 1993
Sally Cheever, 1994
Aaronetta H. Pierce, 1995
Amy Freeman Lee, 1996
Suzy Finesilver, 1997
Janey Briscoe, 1998
Charline McCombs, 1999
Veronica Salazar Escobedo, 2000
Jocelyn L. Straus, 2001
Vikki Carr, 2002
Rosemary Kowalski, 2003
Lila Cockrell, 2004
Nancy Zachry, 2005
Nancy Loeffler, 2006
Jimmie Ruth Evans, 2007
Dela W. White, 2008
Linda Whitacre, 2009
Harriet Marmon Helmle, 2010
Suzanne C. Goudge, 2011
Esperanza “Hope” Andrade, 2012
Carri Baker, 2013
Suzanne Wade, 2014
Marsha Shields, 2015
Janet Holliday, 2016
Cecilia Abbott, 2017
Jane Macon, 2018
Mary Rose Brown, 2019
Tracy Wolff, 2022


Trefoil Recognition Award

Each honoree receives the Trefoil Recognition Award at their celebration, designed by artist Gini Garcia of Garcia Art Glass.

Artist’s statement:

“This award is the embodiment of the ideas that have come to be known for Girl Scouts: courage, confidence, and character. I began by using a classical vessel shape. This form, representing the gift of fertility, sits on top of a clear solid cast pedestal. The intertwining colors symbolize passion and growth and are complementary colors.”