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Girls' Guide to Girl Scouting

The Girl’s Guide to Girl Scouting, a brand-new girl handbook, will have one book for each grade level -- Daisy through Ambassador. Although described as a book for girls, this book is considered to be a sufficient leader resource as well.

The book has three main sections:


Girl Scout Traditions


Cookie Program Activities


Earned Awards (badges, religious awards, Bronze, Silver, Gold)

Each girl will want her own copy since the Girl’s Guide will contain information such as:

  • Girl Scout history
  • Girl Scout traditions
  • What’s special about being a Girl Scout
  • List of emblems and awards (i.e., membership stars, GSUSA strip, council strip, etc.)
  • Awards log
  • Diagram of sash/vest with badge placement
  • Bridging award requirements for relevant program level
  • Bronze, Silver, Gold Award requirements for relevant program levels
  • Additional program information for each level such as Program Aide or Counselor in Training info
  • Journey map for relevant program level
  • Map showing all the councils and special Girl Scout places (i.e., the Juliette Gordon Low Birthplace, World Centers, etc.)