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Corporate Goals/Outcomes

Outcomes Survey Process

Thank you for your participation in Girl Scouts! GSSWT continuously measures how girls benefit from participation in Girl Scouting. Measurements include program evaluations, resident camp surveys, service unit event reports, troop activity reports and direct outcomes surveys.

Continuous feedback is important to GSSWT in order to ensure the best leadership experience for girls. In addition to improving program and volunteer support, the council conducts outcome studies because donors and contributors ask for evidence of the impact of Girl Scouting. Total public support, including United Way allocations, contributions and special events and grants totaled $1,988,005 in 2015. Participation in this study ensures that our council continues to receive the necessary United Way, foundation, and public support needed to help girls in Southwest Texas continue to make the world a better place.

Before taking a survey, to ensure that GSSWT is able to accurately include your survey information, visit  Girl Scout Voices . Visiting this website gives girls the chance to be a part of the GSSWT panel where GSSWT can communicate with girls strictly for the development of programs through surveys.

The survey questions ask girls to respond to several statements about themselves and Girl Scouts. Typical statements include:

  • I think learning new things is fun.
  • Everyone gets along during Girl Scout activities.
  • I tell the truth even if it gets me into trouble.
  • It is important to focus on the good side of people.

All answers are kept confidential!

To complete survey online, simply click on the survey title below. Click on PDF to print paper copies and submit completed surveys to Customer Care, ATTN: Teen Girl Experience Specialist at

Remember to visit Girl Scout Voices before completing any of the surveys below.