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Journey In a Day: aMuse

Sat Dec 03, 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM CST
Life Skills
Location: Sally Cheever Girl Scout Leadership Center (811 N.Coker Loop)

Juniors gain an understanding of just how limitless their potential can be as they combine storytelling with the many roles—real and creative—that the world has to offer. Girls will have fun trying on roles and learning about people and the power of real-life action and leadership. In this Journey, you will: 1. Explore roles you play in your life and try on new ones—play a role-playing game, invite actors to talk about the characters they’ve played, or learn to spot stereotypes on TV, in movies, or in ads. 2. Plan a Take Action Project, such as putting on a performance that creatively urges an end to stereotyping, drawing a graphic novel to share with younger girls, or starting a “mix it up” day in the school cafeteria and having girls sit with new people. 3. Earn three leadership awards: Reach Out!, Speak Out!, and Try Out! Fee Iincludes: supplies, books, lunch, and awards.