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Event Registration

  1. Most events require registration through eBiz. 
  2. Choose an event from the events section of our website. 
  3. Click the registration button which will send you to eBiz.
  4. Log into eBiz with the username and password created during membership enrollment.
  5. Check your event's availability, choose the date and pay deposit and/or fees. 

Below are a list of registration forms or for more information, contact Customer Care, or 210-349-2404.

Program Event Registration Form - English
Program Event Registration Form - Spanish

Adult Learning Registration Form - English
Adult Learning Registration Form - Spanish

Registration Terminology

Close date: The last day that registrations may be accepted. All program fees/balances due must be received by the close date.

Minimum: The fewest registrations needed for a program to take place.

Maximum: The most registrations that will be accepted into any particular program.

Limit: The most registrations that will be accepted into any particular program when there is no minimum.

Confirmation Email: A confirmation email will be sent after registration for an event is complete and another informational email with important program information and attachments of all necessary forms for the program will be emailed at the close date. It is extremely important that you read all of the information in the email and download all attachments.

Deposit/fees: A non-refundable deposit of 25% must be submitted for programs with fees more than $26. Full payment must be made at the time of registration for all programs with fees of $25 or less. Program fees are non-transferable. If a troop leader wishes to register a troop for an event that requires a deposit, a Program Event Registration Form must be submitted in lieu of online registration..

Payments: Full payment must be made by the close date. If you are confirmed for a program and the balance due is not received by the end of business on the close date, your registration may be canceled.

Refunds: Refunds generally take 7–10 business days to process unless otherwise mentioned. If a program is canceled by council for any reason, a full refund will be given within 1-2 business days of the cancellation. If a cancellation is made by the customer no later than two weeks prior to the program, the customer will receive  a refund minus the deposit fee or 25%. If a cancellation is  made by the customer within two weeks of the program, a refund will not be given. Call 210-349-2404/1-800-580-7247 ext. 391 for more information about refunds.

Cancellations:  “No-shows” are not eligible for any refund due to expenses incurred.

Scholarships: The Girl Program Scholarship Application (available online) should be completed by the parent/guardian or troop leader and attached to the registration form. Girls are eligible for two scholarships per year.

Cookie Credits: Cookie credits may be applied only to girls’ registration fees for council-sponsored program events. Please indicate on the registration form if using cookie credits—and be sure to include the cookie credit card number. Cookie credits cannot be used for online registration. To use your cookie credits for event registration, submit a program event registration form.  Cookie Credits cannot be used as a deposit for a program requiring a deposit. Cookie credits are to be used for the girl who earned them and no other registrant.

Severe Weather: In the event of severe weather, please call the Sally Cheever Girl Scout Leadership Center  (210-349-2404/800-580-7247). Voice mail will be available 24 hours a day with notification of program cancellation or postponement.

Behavior: Inappropriate behavior on the part of any participant (girl or adult) may result in the participant being asked to leave the event without a refund.