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Co-leaders (Required training)

As a co-leader, you’ll introduce girls to new experiences and help them unleash their inner G.I.R.L. (Go-getter, Innovator, Risk-taker, Leader)™ to take the lead and change the world. This online training will provide the knowledge and tools needed to organize a troop, lead a group of girls and create parental support. You will learn now to create a safe space for girls…a place there they can learn and grow.

Troop Leadership Essentials (TLE)  Search for these classes on eBiz.  

Expand your knowledge (For co-leaders and volunteers)

Discover who your girls are and what adventures they’re ready to explore. Connect with the resources available for your specific grade level and take action to learn how to facilitate activities that are girl-led, cooperative learning and learning by doing.

Daisy Grade Level Essentials
Brownie Grade Level Essentials        
Junior Grade Level Essentials  
Cadette Grade Level Essentials          
Senior Grade Level Essentials
Ambassador Grade Level Essentials
Multi-Level Grade Level Essentials


Camp/Outdoor Training

Get certified as a Troop Camp Leader (TCL) so that your troop can begin their camping adventures.

Troop Camp Leadership (TCL) 

Community Team Training

Join us in June for this annual day of appreciation and training exclusively for our Community Team members, make new friends and prepare for your role on the Community Team.

Community Team Training  

Enrichment Courses & Events (For all volunteers)

Adult volunteers of Junior Girl Scouts are invited to learn more about how to support their girls as they earn the Girl Scout Bronze Award.

Bronze Award Workshop for Adults    


Join us in August for this annual day of learning, make new friends and take home a few new ideas to try with your troop.

Volunteer Expo   

Health & Safety

We want the best for our girls and it’s important they are always safe. When planning field trips (any activity away from your regular troop meeting place), camping trips or travel be sure to review the Girl Scout Safety Guidelines,  Chapter 4 of Volunteer Essentials and safety activity checkpoints (also found under Resources on your Volunteer Toolkit (VTK)).

CPR/AED/First Aid certification taught by GSSWT volunteer trainers using the American Red Cross curriculum.

Adult/Child CPR/AED  

First Aid         

American Red Cross Mobile App

Additional CPR/AED/First Aid/CPR providers approved by GSSWT 

CPR/AED/First Aid FAQs 

Managing Finances

Learn the how-to of troop finances. This online course is designed to help you learn the money management process requirements from bank account procedures to filing required finance reports.

Money Manager Training Online    

Travel & Field Trips

Learn more on the ins & outs of taking your troop on their field trip.

Field Trips - Coming Soon!

We know your time is valuable, which is why many of our training courses are available online or in a learn at home format and accessible 24/7. We also offer in-person courses taught by our awesome volunteer trainers. Get started today by logging in to eBiz and sign up for in-person, learn at home or online classes.

What training do I need?
Many volunteer roles require specific training. Check out this chart to find out more.  

Where do I find trainings?
Trainings are listed on eBiz or the events page of our website.

How to register for trainings
Registration can be done online thru eBiz or by paper using the Adult Learning Registration Form. Contact Customer Care at for assistance.