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Leadership Courses


Grade-level Essentials

Prerequisite:  Complete the welcome video (online GSUSA training) and attended Troop Leadership Essentials
These courses explore the excitement of leading girls! Discover who your girls are and what adventures they're ready to explore. Connect with the resources available for your specific grade level, and take action to learn how to facilitate activities that are girl-led, cooperative learning, and learning by doing.

Resources you may want to bring:

  • Current year GSSWT Volunteer Essentials
  • Girl Scout Journey Guide(s) for your age level


  • No fee!
  • Please register through Customer Care at least five business days prior to date of choice
  • Courses require a minimum of five registered participants and will be cancelled if the minimum is not reached. Be sure and register as stated above!

Daisy Grade-Level

Explore the excitement of leading girls in grades Kindergarten-1st as they begin their Girl Scout Daisy Leadership Experience! Includes information on leader resources, the Daisy Journey guides, and how girls can discover, connect, and take action in age-appropriate ways. Leaders will learn how to apply their own leadership skills as they facilitate activities that are girl-led, cooperative, and encourage learn-by-doing.

Brownie Grade-Level

Begin the Brownie Quest with girls of 2-3rd grades! This course will show you how to discover, connect, and take action with girls as they learn to make the world a better place. Leaders learn to use their skills to guide their girls as they develop a program that is girl-led, and teaches cooperative skills through hands-on learning. Also included is information on characteristic behaviors, try-it earned awards, the Brownie Journey guides, and how to build a Leadership Experience that develops girls of courage, character, and confidence!

Junior Grade-level

Join your Girl Scout Juniors as they journey through grades 4-5 to make the world a better place! Leaders learn to guide girls and foster their ability to make their plans a reality in a girl-led, cooperative, and learn-by-doing environment. Includes information on assisting girls select methods of troop governance, explore the Journey guides, and assist girls in selecting their program activities and earned achievements such as the Bronze Award.

Cadette/Senior/Ambassador Grade-level Training

This course provides information for advisors of Girl Scout Cadettes, Seniors, and Ambassadors. Advisors will explore the skills needed to make the transition from leader to advisor as girls plan their program to discover, connect, and take action to make their world a better place. Information included on how girls develop their leadership skills through the Journey Guides, Interest Project Awards, charms, and the Girl Scouts Silver and Gold Award. Advisors for each grade level will have a chance to focus on concrete ways for girls to choose their age-appropriate methods of troop governance and encourage excitement about the many leadership opportunities for older girls.

Multi-level Troop Leader Workshop

Prerequisites: Complete the welcome video and attended Troop Leadership Essentials & ONE Grade-level Essentials (choice of Girl Scout Daisy, Brownie, Junior or Cadette/Senior/Ambassador).

For leaders of multi-level troops—a workshop just for you! Multi-level troops include girls from more than one grade-level. Topics include fostering girl-led activities with girls of different grade levels, assisting older girls in their specific leadership pathways, and the Girl Scout Leadership Experience. Using the grade-level leadership journey guides and earning awards in a multi-level setting will also be covered. Sign up to learn more about multi-level troop challenges and opportunities!