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Adult Learning


We know your time is valuable, which is why many of our training courses are available online or in a learn at home format and accessible 24/7. We also offer in-person courses taught by our awesome volunteer trainers. Get started today by visiting our Events page and sign up for
in-person, learn at home or online classes.

How do I register for adult learning courses or classes?
Registration for free on-demand courses, virtual classes (Zoom) & in-person classes is through gsLearn. On the GSSWT website (top green menu bar), click on MyGS, enter your username & password & select gsLearn.

Registration for classes with a fee (ex. CPR/AED/First Aid, Troop Camp Leadership (TCL)) is through the events page of our website or by paper using the Adult Learning Registration Form (English | Spanish). Contact Customer Care at for assistance.

gsLearn (Online Training)

What is gsLearn?

Whether you are a new or seasoned volunteer, you can now take your Girl Scout learning experience to the next level with gsLearn, our new online training platform. Access courses on-the-go, track your progress and more. The gsLearn library holds courses that can be completed at your own pace, meaning you can start and stop at your convenience. It works on your phone, tablet or computer, but we do recommend your computer for the best user experience.

Our learning library is growing, but for now, you can find the Successful Leader Learning Series, Volunteer Toolkit Tutorials and Girl Scouting in the Outdoors.


New Co-Leader’s Learning Path

A learning path dedicated to new co-leaders and helping to prepare them to lead troops. This path includes the Successful Leader Learning Series and Volunteer Toolkit Tutorials.

Where to find gsLearn

On the GSSWT website, click on MyGS, enter your username & password & select gsLearn, select gsLearn, and click on Content Library to view 24/7 courses or register for a free virtual or in person course through the Calendar.

Please note: If this is your first time logging into gsLearn the Content Library & Calendar may be blank. Log out and log back in through MyGS. It may take up to 30 minutes for the Content Library & Calendar to load.

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Expand Your Skills (Courses & Events)

Discover who your girls are and what adventures they’re ready to explore. Connect with the resources available for your specific grade level and take action to learn how to facilitate activities that are girl-led, cooperative learning and learning by doing.

Need assisstance? Visit the Events page or contact Customer Care at

Camp/Outdoor Training

Get certified as a Troop Camp Leader (TCL) so that your troop can begin their camping adventures. Troop Camp Leadership certification consists of 2 parts: an online portion and an overnight camp session.

Troop Camp Leadership Online

This link goes to the online portion of TCL training only. Please register for your TCL overnight camp session (Troop Camp Leadership Blended Learning) to complete the entire training. 

Need assisstance? Visit the Events page to register for all of our outdoor training opportunities or contact Customer Care at

Community Team Training

Join us in June for this annual day of appreciation and training exclusively for our Community Team members, make new friends and prepare for your role on the Community Team.

Need assisstance? Visit the Events page or contact Customer Care at

Health & Safety

We want the best for our girls and it’s important they are always safe. When planning field trips (any activity away from your regular troop meeting place), camping trips or travel be sure to review the Girl Scout Safety Guidelines,  Chapter 4 of Volunteer Essentials and safety activity checkpoints (also found under Resources on your Volunteer Toolkit (VTK)).

CPR/AED/First Aid certification taught by GSSWT volunteer trainers using the American Red Cross curriculum.

Need assisstance? Visit the Events page or contact Customer Care at

Managing Finances

All Money Managers and signers on a Girl Scout bank account are required to complete Money Manager Online Training. 

Money Manager Online Training

Need assistance? Contact Customer Care at or 210-349-2404.