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Volunteer Toolkit

Simplified Troop Management
The new online Volunteer Toolkit (VTK), helps troop volunteers get what they need, when they need it.  This online resource will help troops custom-fit what they love to do!  Troops can plan out their whole year, view their roster with all troop member information and access tools to facilitate communication between parents and troop leaders, all from a computer or mobile device. 


To learn more about VTK, please browse our video library below. Our videos will provide an overview of VTK and guide you through its many features.

VTK Video Library

Benefits of the Volunteer Toolkit
Learn how the Volunteer Toolkit can benefit you in your role. See how it can save time and help you plan!


Setting up your year plan
Welcome to the Explore Tab! This video introduces how volunteers use the pre built or select your own year plan options from the Explore Tab.


Setting meeting dates times and locations
Second in the series, this video shows how to set reoccurring meeting dates, times and locations using the Manage Calendar link. 


Customizing your year plan
Third in the series, this video goes over the year plan tab and all of its features. How to change dates, add activities and other tools available. 


Meeting Plan Overview
Fourth video in the series, this one focuses on the Meeting Plan Tab and everything it has to offer. It shows the tools available and how to customize the agenda with activity options.

VTK Resources
Troop Leaders
  • For Daisy, Brownie, and Junior troops, the Volunteer Toolkit comes with pre-populated plans for every meeting–a full year of Girl Scouts right there on your device! Cadette, Senior and Ambassador troops don't get pre-populated meetings yet (coming soon), but they can access some other great planning features.

  • For those of you who want to do your own thing, everything is fully customizable. You can add your own activities to the plan, and if you want to change the order of activities, just drag and drop.

  • The app runs on your home computer, tablet, or mobile device. No more hunting for the right activity or book!

  • Other perks: Manage your troop finances, access your girl and family roster, track your girls' achievements and attendance 
  • See what your girl's troop or group is planning this year in an easy-to-use calendar view

  • Stay in touch with the troop leader or volunteer

  • Find new ways to participate in the experience