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Gamma Sigma

Founded in 2010, Gamma Sigma Girls® is a unique leadership development program offered by Girl Scouts of Southwest Texas in partnership with area school districts. It combines the proven outcomes of the Girl Scout Leadership Experience with a “sorority-type” setting, targeting teen girls in high school who have a limited history of Girl Scouts in their family or the community.

Similar to a sorority, Gamma Sigma Girls® (GSG) will bring girls together through the bond of sisterhood and allow them to explore common interests in a safe space. Unlike other extracurricular activities at school, GSG does not require members to have a special talent, skill or minimum GPA.

You just have to be a girl. That’s it!

Gamma Sigma Girls® serves nearly 800 teens in 17 high schools and nearly 1,000 girls in 19 middle schools in San Antonio ISD, Harlandale ISD, Southwest ISD, Edgewood ISD and Uvalde ISD. In the tradition of sororities, Girl Scouts of Southwest Texas introduces Gamma Sigma Pearls, which is a younger “sister chapter” of Gamma Sigma Girls® named after a jewel significant to the Girl Scout movement. 

As Gamma Sigma Girls® and Gamma Sigma Pearls, teens will choose to focus on one of three areas: advocacy, taking action, and being college bound.


Advocacy: Girls will identify a cause they are passionate about and work toward effecting social change.


Take Action: Girls will become positive change agents in their community when they participate in service projects that benefit the world around them.


College Bound: Girls will explore opportunities to help them decide on a career path, and work toward achieving a higher education.

The nearly 1,800 new and returning members of Gamma Sigma Girls® and Gamma Sigma Pearls were inducted at formal Investiture and Rededication ceremonies at the beginning of the school year.

Participating Middle Schools
  1. Longfellow MS
  2. Harris MS
  3. Margil Academy 6-7
  4. Resnik MS
  5. McNair MS
  6. McAuliffe MS
  7. Scobee MS
  8. Gus Garcia MS
  9. Morales MS
  10. Batesville School
  11. Flores ES
  12. Harlandale MS
  13. Leal MS
  14. Terrell Wells MS
  15. Kingsborough MS
  16. Anson Jones MS
  17. Rawlinson MS
  18. Rudder MS
  19. Stinson MS
  20. Woodlake Hills MS
  21. Kitty Hawk MS
  22. Wrenn MS
  23. Brentwood MS
  24. Tafolla MS
  25. Davis MS
Participating High Schools
  1. Sam Houston HS
  2. Edison HS
  3. Travis ECHS
  4. Burbank HS
  5. Jefferson HS
  6. Highlands HS
  7. Southwest HS
  8. Southwest Legacy HS
  9. Memorial HS
  10. Edgewood Fine Arts HS
  11. McCollum HS
  13. JECA
  14. Wagner HS
  15. Kennedy HS
  16. Harlandale HS
  1. Young Women's Leadership Academy
  2. IDEA Eastside College Prep
  3. Rogers Academy
  4. Ogden Academy