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Lifesaving Awards

Lifesaving Awards

Girl Scouts have been honored since 1913 for meritorious deeds that helped save lives. Lifesaving Awards are national awards given to a registered Girl Scout who has saved or attempted to save human life under circumstances that indicate heroism or risk of her own life. These awards are reserved for those Girl Scouts who have performed acts of heroism beyond the degree of maturity and training expected for their age.

Training in health and safety is a part of the Girl Scout program. A Girl Scout, because of the Promise, Law, motto, and slogan to which she has subscribed, is expected to be resourceful, skilled, and competent – to have presence of mind and to be of service to others. Each situation has many unique factors, and many things are taken into consideration for determining if an act is of unusual bravery beyond that which is expected of a Girl Scout.

bronze cross

The Bronze Cross is presented when a girl has shown special heroism or faced extraordinary risk of her own life to save another’s life or an attempt to save another life. It is the highest award for valor in Girl Scouting and rarely given. 

medal of honor


The Medal of Honor is presented for gallantry in saving a life or attempting to save a life without considerable risk to a girl’s life.

Volunteers can recognize a girl for acts of heroism for either of these lifesaving awards. Contact our Customer Care Department at for additional details and an application.

Completed applications that meet all requirements are submitted to Girl Scouts of the USA for consideration.