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Fall Product Program

Be the difference and leap ahead when you join this year's Fall Product Program. A quick, friends and family program, the Fall Product Program is a great opportunity for troops to earn money for activities during the Girl Scout year. By participating in this program, girls learn the five essential skills: goal settingdecision makingmoney managementpeople skills and business ethics - and practice for the cookie program. Girl Scouts will also be encouraged to participate in a council-wide community service project,  Operation Care to Share.


Important Dates

July 29, August 3 or 10 (at Volunteer Expo) CNM Training
August 1 TNM Training available online 
September 1 Order-taking begins
October 12 Paper order-taking and online girl delivery ends
November 4 Magazine and Online shipping ends

Virtual Storefront

Girls can create their own virtual storefront and market to friends and family via email. Products can be ordered online with the choice of shipped or girl delivery. (If customers order chocolate, the system will automatically choose two-day shipping, this can be changed by the customer, but it is NOT recommended.) Customers can also order magazines online!

Girls can also personalize an avatar for their virtual storefront— the avatar can speak with the girl’s actual voice by recording a small clip telling her story. Girls will also have the opportunity to earn a personalized patch with their avatar from both the fall and cookie product programs to celebrate girls who grow with GSSWT!

To earn this special edition patch for fall 2019 girls must:  

1.  Have total sales (online and in-person) of $325+

2.  Send at least 25+ emails through their virtual storefront  

To earn this special edition patch for cookies 2020 girls must:

1. Earn the Fall 2019 avatar patch ($325 total sales and 25+ emails sent)

2. Participate in the 2020 Girl Scout Cookie Program and reach 325+ packages and 25+ sent emails



2019 Initiatives

This year girls will have the opportunity to earn some AMAZE-ing rewards based on our fall program mascots: Flora, Fiona, Najin, and Fatu.


2019 Incentive link (Coming Soon)

Troop Nut Manager (TNM) Training
  1. Once you have thoroughly watched the training video (below), you will click on the link below the video to complete the training quiz.
  2. When you complete the quiz and click ‘Submit’ you will be automatically directed to complete the online TNM Agreement (troop or individually registered girl-IRG).
  3. When you have completed the TNM Agreement, your information will be sent to council. Please allow 48-72 hours for the Product Program department to have your information relayed to your Community Nut Manager (CNM).
  4. Your CNM will notify you if you are missing any requirements, such as:

                 Cleared background check (CBC) on file

                2019-2020 GS Membership

                Signed TNM Agreement (online or paper)

                An active troop bank account/ACH Authorization form on file

Please check with your CNM to ensure you have all requirements fulfilled.



ONLINE Girl Permission Form (Coming Soon)
Family Guide (Coming Soon)

TNM Agreement- Troop (Coming Soon)
TNM Agreement- IRG (Coming Soon)
ACH Authorization Form (troop only)
Deposit Worksheet
ACH Adjustment Form (troop only) (Coming Soon)
Delinquent Account Report  
End of Program Report/Checklist  
Crisis Procedures and Incident Reports



For CNMs Only

Training sign-in/materials check-out log (must be turned into the Product Program Department)  

Videos & Guides

Quick Guides

  • How to View Balance Due, Bonus Proceeds, and ACH Adjustments (COMING SOON)
  • How to Print Delivery Tickets for Troops (COMING SOON)
  • Using M2 Dash (COMING SOON)


Just-in-time trainings are short videos with valuable instructions on how to complete processes related to the 2019 Fall Product Program. Watch the videos for awesome insights to the online girl experience for Fall Product Program.


Online Girl Permission Slip
Learn how to complete the online girl permission slip. After viewing the video, click here to complete one for your Girl Scout!


  For parents and troop—Verifying Rewards and Personalized Patches
Learn how to verify rewards and personalized patches
Due Tuesday, November 5 at 10:59 p.m.


For troops—Entering Orders
Learn how to enter paper orders for your troop—Due Sat., Oct. 12 at 10:59 p.m. 


For parents—Entering Orders
Learn how to enter paper orders for your Girl Scout—Due Thurs., Oct. 10 at 10:59 p.m.


Girl Parent Log-in Experience (M2)
Learn how to log-in to M2 for the first time and all about the fun stuff M2 offers. 



Proceeds Guidelines 




Troop Nut Manager (TNM) Companion (troop and IRG) (Coming soon) 

Community Nut Manager (CNM) Supplement (Coming soon)

Other resources

Proceeds Guide (Coming Soon)

FPP FAQ (Coming Soon)

IRG Fund Usage Guide (Coming Soon)

CNM Only Materials

Training sign-in/materials check-out log (Coming Soon)




Fall Product Program 2017

2019 Recognitions



Questions? Call 210-349-2404 | 800-580-7247 or email


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