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Overview of Strategic Direction

| 2016-2019


Primary Goal

Promote Girl Scouts as the premier leadership organization for girls.
Align with Girl Scouts of the USA’s new brand strategy to leverage the national scope of our organization.
Develop new community relationships to expand program opportunities and influence conversations on girl issues.

Supporting Goals

Provide engaging program for girls.
Make program relevant to the demographics of a girl’s age, interest and ethnic culture.
Ensure programming will be accessible to girls and their families economically and geographically.
Provide appropriate facilities that are sustainable financially.
Attract and retain a more diverse volunteer base.
Provide accessible training that adds value to the volunteer.
Improve the recognition of dedicated volunteers in a manner that is desirable to adult members.
Increase and diversify funding.
Increase individual contributions.
Improve fiscal responsibility by balancing the operational budget.
Improve financial stability by having adequate cash reserves.
Utilize innovation and technology to support our mission.
Optimize the Customer Engagement Initiative through staff and volunteer use of technology applications.